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Why is Ulsrud so obsessed with me?

Hi everyone

I had the flu for a week and on Saturday I was feeling much better. So I told my sister I wanted to shave my head. She was like okay. Then I explained to her that I was only going to shave a part of my head and not everything, so she agreed.
When we shaved some hair off, I took my fingers across my bold scalp. The first time was very strange. It was weird to me that at the age of (…) it was the first time I’ve touched my hair scalp. I liked the feeling and I know people might think it’s crazy that I shaved parts of my hair off because I have “good” hair or just because “black” girls don’t cut their hair. So when I came to college today some people where shocked over my new hair other didn’t like it or get it and some people thought it was cool.
Other said; who does she think she is Rihanna? Don’t worry I am not trying to be like Rihanna. I know people who go to Ulsrud and think I go around and think I’m the shit.
Well, maybe it is because I am the shit.


Do you love the hair?

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