Hopp til hovedinnhold

Why Disney? Whyyyyyyyyy?

Hi Everyone

( crying.)
First of all I’m only little, why did Disney do this to me? I‘m human, like everyone else I don’t have much to look forward to during the week. One thing I do look forward to is Disney’s “Talent Friday”, where they show new episodes of Hannah Montana, So Random and Jonas (Jonas brother Tv series) followed by a Disney channel original movie, this time they were showing Princess Protection Program. And then Hannah Montana finally started I was tucked in the couch with my duvet and Apple juice, and to my disappointment they were showing an old episode of Hannah Montana and I was so angry that I switched to Tv2 and watched Scrubs until So random started, but to my disappointment again it was an old episode of So Random and I wanted to cry when I saw this. How could Disney do this to me? I had been looking forward to this all week. This was 6.15 pm and I went to sleep in anger and slept the whole night. The next day I saw a commercial for “Talent Friday” on Disney Channel and they said that they only showed new episodes of Jonas and not the other shows. WTF! I’m Disney’s biggest fan! How could they do this to me? How dare they? I’m hurt and disappointment and from now on I’m boycotting “Talent Friday” on Disney channel and reading my latest edition of Donald duck to ease the pain, I’m only little.

happy 😀

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