Vic Mensa hyller sin nye sjef Jay Z med tatovering

22. apr 2015 kl. 00:00


Som 730 skrev tidligere denne måneden: Vic Mensa er signert til Roc Nation. I natt ble det offisielt, og 21-åringen fra Chicago hyller sin nye mentor ved å ta en raus tatovering på nakken; Logoen til Roc-A-Fella; labelen Jay og Damon Dash startet i 1995.

Vic, som Slottsfjell booket allerede i fjor (se Vic på scenen i baris), er aktuell på Kanye Wests «Wolves», produsert av norske Cashmere Cat, og med singelen «U Mad» med Kanye, produsert av
Smoko Ono, Kanye og Mike Dean, fra sin kommende, andre EP
Street Lights.

Vic er med i crewet SAVEMONEY med blant andre Chicago-rapperne Chance The Rapper og

Norske Lido har produsert og gjester singel med de to sistnevnte. Hør den flotte låten her.

A&R-sjef Lenny S hos Roc Nation – som tok bildet av Vic og Jay nedenfor – skriver at det skulle mye til for å få signert den unge mannen, og veteranen sier at signeringen er en av dem han er mest stolt av:

A while back, I caught wind of an artist from Chicago who I thought had undeniable talent + lots of potential. I had @spanish_ran get in contact with @codykazarian who was a part of the mgmt team. I flew to Chi to go see this kid perform. As a music exec, I’m excited about traveling to the Chi to meet this guy for the 1st time. Coming from Roc, I assumed he’d be ecstatic. I assumed wrong. He barely gives me a head nod after Cody intros us. Now the show’s over, every1 is gone & still nothin’. As I’m leaving, he stops me + says “yo, thanks for coming homie, where u from again?” I’d be lying to say I wasn’t slightly offended. Ha. I sarcastically answered “just a lil rec company named ROC NATION”. He replies, “oh, who y’all got there?” If u know me & my ROC pride, I’m offended again. Me: “Not sure if you’ve heard of them, a few small artists like, JZ, JCole & Rihanna”. He says, oh cool + keeps it moving. All Good… Fast fwd a few months. Cody keeps me updated on everything they’re doing + without question, I show up. Chi, ATL, Detroit, LA, NY etc. Finally, I meet Dan, the 2nd half of mgmt team while they’re in NY filming Wildn’ Out. Dan doesn’t even give me eye contact during our intro. At this point I’m tight.. Who the fuck r these guys?! Who do they think they r ?! Fuck that! Do they not know who I am & the company I rep?! WTF! Days later I convince myself to put my stubbornness/pride aside & reach out. Fuck it, this dude is too dope. Why should I lose out just cause it seems like they’re not impressed w/ Lenny S or Roc. I hit Cody..He tells me Vic wanted to holla at me. We kick it for months. They tell me nothin can move if I’m not good w/Dan. I sat w/ all of em in LA & I told them every reason y ROC was perfect for em. They didn’t care about the hype, $, offers etc. They cared about making a connection w/ music/culture & partnering with a company who understood their vision/art. Same thing Roc believes in. We shook on it. Last piece of the puzzle: Meet w/ Chaka & J. My 20m meeting lasted 3hrs. We talked bout art/icons/rock/HipHop etc & decided our new business partners were SAVEMONEY! 1 of my most proud signings! VIC MENSA!!

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