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Step Up 3D

Earlier this week we watched the movie Step Up 3D

Step Up 3D is the third installment in the Step Up series and was directed by Jon M. Chu. Unlike the previous movies who where situated in the streets of Baltimore, this movie takes place in New York. Not only is there a new location, but there’s also a fresh new cast. Starring Alyson Stoner, Adam Sevani and Rick Malambri.

The movie starts with an introduction of two youngsters, Moose and Camille, former dancers who are ready to start a new life as freshmen’s at NYU. Little do they know that a dance battle in the park they happen to be in will impact their lives. Moose has a passion for dance, but has promised his parents that dance is in the past and university in his future, but as he’s left to start his new life he realizes it’s down to him to make his own choices from now on. Battles, rivals, exams, friendship, love and important choices makes this a movie a lot of people can relate to. Persuing true dreams and experiencing happiness.

We liked the movie! A lot of good choreography and a great soundtrack is essential in movies like this one and this movie had both. I like how dance movies brings out the dancer within me, and my dream of being a choreographer isn’t exactly less apparent after watching it aswell. It was a bit annoying wearing the «3D goggles» though, but then again I’ve never been a fan of wearing glasses on top of my glasses…

If you’re into movies about dance/ music, you should have a look at this one.

Hottie Rick Malambri plays Luke Katcher

The movie premieres on Friday the 13th (tomorrow). Watch the official trailer below:
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