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Sex and the City 2

A while back I watched the movie. Here are my thoughts:

The movie has a fairytale like opening. It’s nice to see the girls again, but I get disturbed of the fact that their lives seem so perfect. Luckily that doesn’t last too long.

I’ve never been a Carrie supporter; I’ve liked her, but never loved her. I’ve never understood what the big fuss has been. I don’t think it looks like fun to go on dates in your late 30’ies, I don’t think Carrie has the coolest style (she looks like a clown most of the time) and the girl talks way too much.

I did however like Carrie in this movie. For the first time I think her imperfections where highlighted. I think she’s an overanalyzing and dramatic individual. I don’t think she’s ever happy or content (maybe she is when she buys something?), she always seems to be looking for her next high and that’s sad. Just look at the whole “Big, let’s go out or Aidan my true love?” incident. Common, totally unnecessary Carrie.

Samantha is very simple compared. She knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like and that’s that. I envy people like her, that are sure of themselves and don’t care about others opinions.

Charlotte is great. I loved how they portrayed motherhood as a difficult role, rather than something super easy. I didn’t like her style though, it seemed unrealistic.

I’ve always found Miranda the most boring of the girls, at the same time she’s the one I identify the most with. I guess that makes me boring. Her storyline was so boring; I don’t even remember what it was about.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie. Amazing light and airbrushing. I laughed a lot and “cried” some.

[pictures from sexandthecitymovie.org, couturesnob.com and theluxbeat.com]

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