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Questions and Answers!

We got a lot of questions from you guys and we appreciate them all. If you have an additional question, send us a mail: [email protected].

Are you reading any books at the moment?

Chioma: I just finished reading “To kill a mocking bird” today by Harper Lee. To keep it short; I had to read the book for my English class it started rubbish and boring, the middle part was out of this world, it was so good. The ending was disappointing and rubbish. Don’t read the book you’ll end up disappointed

Chinwe: No, but I would love to read Toni Morrison’s “Sula” soon.

Have you ever been in love?

Chioma: I’ve been in love twice.

Chinwe: Yes.

What’s your favorite magazine?

Chinwe: Uk Cosmo and Uk Elle.

Chioma: My favorite magazine is UK Cosmopolitan, even thought I don’t get to read it every month.

What are you thinking about right now?

Chioma: I’m thinking about the bunad. I want to wear for May 17th.May 17th is Norway’s national day and bunad is traditional Norwegian attire.

Chinwe. MONEY!

Do you think you’re a 10?

Chinwe: I’m an 8.

Chioma: I wouldn’t say I’m a 10, but I think and know my looks are above average. So I’ll say I’m 100?

What is your dream date?

Chioma: On my dream date, I’m dressed casual, but still stylish. In a relaxed environment where my date cooks for me. We enjoy each other’s company, watch a movie, talk or watch TV.

Chinwe: Somewhere (anywhere) hot and private. Private island maybe?

From a scale from 1-10 how important is personality and how important is looks?

Chioma: Personality has to be a 10. Looks I would say 10, but I’ll settle for anything from 5 and up if the personality is a 10.

Chinwe: I find this question really hard to answer. You can’t really say. When it comes to guys, I’ve liked guys I would rate 4 based on both looks and personality. It really depends on my state of mind and the individual person before me.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Chinwe: I have a crush on footballer Oguchi Onyewu. He’s the one!

Chioma: My celebrity crush is Robert «Bob» Harper the personal trainer on the American show “The Biggest Loser” or as we say in Norway “Slankekrigen”. I just found out he is born in 1965 and is 44, but I really don’t care. Bob you’re my celebrity crush I would marry or date you in a heartbeat.

What do you want for Christmas/birthday?

Chioma: For my birthday I would just want presents really. It’s quite sad, but if we’re getting in to specifics I would like a pair of Ray Bans for Christmas: http://www.celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com/image-files/ray-ban_2113.gif . For my birthday I would like short or tall Uggs or both: http://www.uggaustralia.com/ProductDetails.aspx?gID=w&productID=5118&model=Ultra+Short+LE & http://www.uggaustralia.com/ProductDetails.aspx?gID=w&productID=5815&model=Classic+Tall

I’d also love MAC lipstick in crazy colors, it’s more affordable.

Chinwe: My answer is to boring. How I would love to rant. I really don’t want anything. Scratch that, I want time off from work, so that I can relax!

What type of cell phone do you have?

Chinwe: I have a Sony Ericsson phone. My goal was to get a cheap phone and I did!

Chioma: My cell phone is Nokia E71. I think it’s really good, but I’ve heard it isn’t as good as the iPhone.

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Chinwe: “I walk like this cause I can back it up”. Beyonce- “Ego”!. I love this song, so much. I know it’s old, but I don’t care!

Chioma: That would be Trey Songz and Toni Braxton – “So yesterday”.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Chioma: Couldn’t come up with a show, but I really like “Lipstick Jungle”.

Chinwe: I have to watch Eastenders and America’s next Top Model. These show’s give me all the drama I don’t want in my own life. It’s great!

What gossip sites do you go to?

Chioma: The main gossip sites I go to are: http://perezhilton.com/, http://cocoperez.com/, http://blogg.no/, http://730.no/, http://twitter.com/ & http://theybf.com/

Chinwe: My favorite gossip site is Facebook. It gives me a lot. I can admit it, I tune in everyday.

Tell me one thing you hate in a person?

Chioma: An ugly personality is the worst thing a person can have.

Chinwe: Hate is a strong word, but I dislike insecure people. They take up a lot of room. Life is too short to limit oneself. One should always try to be the best self one can be. It’s hard, but worth it in the end.

How tall are you?

Chinwe: I’m 6’2 or 187 cm. People always say I must be taller, so I often agree and say I’m 6’4. I think I appear taller because I walk with my head held high. Life is my catwalk. (Especially Jernbanetorget tube station, that’s my favorite catwalk).

Chioma: I think I’m 6 ft or as we say in Norway 1.83 cm

How do you know each other?

ChiowamaBailey: We are sisters.

Sometimes you guys seem negative are you negative?

Chioma: To be quite honest I am a negative person most of the time, because there are a lot of people on this world who has inner demons and take it out on the world. These people have ISSUES!

Chinwe: I would love to say that I’m the most positive person you’d meet, but that’s far from the truth. I think I’m 50% positive and 50% negative. I also think it’s easier to notice or focus on the negative aspects of life. I kind of like it, because that’s when I question things around me. When I’m happy I don’t really care about anything else but that moment. I think it can be healthy being negative, because it can help you assess your current life situation.

What’s the newest outfit you have bought?

Chioma: I bought a jacket from TopMan and I dress from ASOS can’t wait to show you guys when it arrive in a week!

Chinwe: I was something so basic I can’t remember, but the last thing I bought that gave me joy, was my purple lipstick.

What are your hobbies?

Chinwe: I like to draw. I think that’s my favorite hobby. I used to love collecting items when I was younger. I collected everything I could think of. Like flowers, bugs, stickers, rocks, marbles, make- up etc. You name it, I collected it.

Chioma: My hobbies are sleeping, watching TV, lying on the couch; drawing and reading books and sometimes I write poems: http://chiowamabailey.blogspot.com/2009/07/twinkle-twinkle.html

What’s your favorite color?

Chioma: At the moment black I really want black lipstick from MAC.

Chinwe: Purple and gold.

If you could be anywhere in the world where would that be?

Chioma: I would be in London during the summer when it’s super hot, in a 6 star hotel suite and just sleep in a bed that feels like heaven.

Chinwe: I would choose to be at The Biggest Looser Ranch. Yes, I’m serious. The thought of being somewhere, where you’re focusing on making your body better is really trilling!

Why do you blog?

Chinwe: I started blogging, because a wise man (“Big J”), thought we should. I hesitated to begin with, but Chioma was keen on it and eventually I thought “Why not?”.

Chioma: That’s right. I blog because it’s something different and it’s fun sharing you life with the world. Plus you have to make and effort and be on point at all times (or at least when you leave your house).

Why should I continue to go to your blog?

Chioma: Our blog is funny, real and most of all because we are so sweet and pretty.

Chinwe: I think you should continue checking our blog if you like what you see or love to hate it.

Is it true you hate each other?

Chioma: Yes, it’s true. Sometimes I hate Bailey. Like when she promises something and just don’t hold what she promised. And sometimes Bailey hates me.

Chinwe: I don’t hate you, but I dislike your lazy ways.

Do you get paid to talk about people and show brands on your blog?

ChiowamaBailey: No, we don’t. We love showing you guys what we like and hope you like some of the same things.

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