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Pia Haraldsen for Agape

Pia Haraldsen made her designer debut for Agape on Thursday evening during OFW. There’s no secret there’d been a lot of talk before the show, but the show must go on and it did. The show was a positive surprize, Go Pia!Stephan Ulvund Øien with Kaseem CherryChinyere and ChinweThe designer herself- Pia HaraldsenCool Kids: Miss Harmonica and Kjersti VatleChiomaOusman is a star. Posing day in and day out, on point on every shot. Respect!Aww, we look like we’re siblings!(picture from kroghoptikk.no)Vemund Aarstrand was there to support PiaJames had the coolest jacketYummy mummy, Jasmin HaraldsenJohnny, Marie and ChiomaFree drinks!ChinyereChinwe and ChinyereChioma with her goodiebagOsloNighters; Madeleine, Julianne and RutSami and Chinwe

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