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Video fra Idol og det hun skrev på sin blogg.

Paula Abdul-fanatikeren Paula Goodspeed som døde

Paula Goodspeed R.I.P.

Her er en to år gammel video av Paula Goodspeed som onsdag ble funnet død like ved huset til Idol-dommer Paula Abdul, som var hennes helt.

Hun skal ha hatt piller og Abdul-bilder i bilen hvor hun ble funnet.

Goodspeed, som skal ha vært mentalt syk, forsøkte seg på Idol i USA for to år siden og laget ofte uro i Abduls nabolag i etterkant.
I fjor tok hun en overdose på samme sted.

I etterkant skrev hun dette på sin Myspace-blogg:

Anyway, People… if you saw my clip, you know what happens next.

We’re back to present day, five {5} months later. Feb.25th 2006 and I have changed vocally, Ballparks since then. I had to learn how to sing the *correct way and I worked on my vocal tone.

I still want to sing professional one day and one day I do ~hope~ I can get a second chance to redeem myself and my talent….I’ve always had singing talent but picking the wrong song and nerves DON’T mix and I learned my lesson!

Apart from that , I wasn’t ready to put myself out there.

It’s very hard reading such awful things being written about yourself…..or hearing things being said….. not like alot of people would understand what it’s like having so many haters , just because I made the mistake of trying out for a singing competition before I was ~even~ ready vocally, emotionally and physically.

I have to believe there is ~something good about me…..

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