Pappa parkert av Lindsay Lohan

29. aug 2008 kl. 00:00

Jeg er ikke en stor fan av Lindsay Lohan , og da jeg på torsdag rotet meg inn på denne Myspace-bloggen, trodde jeg profilen var fake.

Nå har hennes PR-dame visstnok bekreftet at det er Lindsay selv som blogger der.

Uansett hva man syns om New York-jenta, som lager filmer og spiller inn skiver med nordmenn, så er faren hennes en større nerd. Michael Lohan er ikke kompis, og han er helt klart ikke kompis med resten av familien. Kompis pimper Lindsays kjendisstatus til det pinlige.

Her er det hun skrev:

If you have something to say to me, say it to my face – that’s what i have believed my whole life- don’t be a coward and say it to others first, let alone all the media in the world – i think we know where the rest of this blog is going…

If you guessed it had to do with my father- then you guessed right! It really hurts, because i have tried- after all that my mother and siblings have gone through, i really tried to make things work. For the hope of having a father again -wanting things to change – even though people have said, some people will forever remain the same.

Having said that – the people were right, and he is yet to change – but this time, without his daughter by his side. He has become a public embaressment and a bully. To my family, my co-workers, my friends, and a girl that means the world to me (its obvious who that is).

He has no idea what is going on in my life because i have chosen not to involve him in it- His recent attack on my life and my loved ones is simply for an ADDICTION THAT HE HAS – FAME. Why he feels the need to comment on anything in my life that i may want to keep private, is beyond comprehension- If he really cared about me and my life, then he would learn to respect my wishes by staying out of it.

– Samantha has not and would never sell me out. Nor has my mother, who is wonderful.

 This further proves that any information that my father has about me or the people in my life is internet based- and about as accurate as a page six item.

I’m not going to engage any further, though i probably could go on…

I have said enough, i have a therapist, and it is not the the camera man at x17.

Jeg rettet ikke opp skrivefeilene.

Samantha er selvsagt den sunne kjæresten Samantha Ronson, som er veldig glad i disse to.

Lesbisk forklaring på drugs

Hun følgte deretter opp innlegget med mer blogging:

just going to put it out there, i have had no contact with my father. and i hope he uses this time to keep mourn the loss of his father, rather than taking the time to talk to the media about me or anyone in my life. better he just keeps his mouth shut.

on another note- im having fun on the set of Ugly Betty, the cast is great, the crew is great, and it’s nice to be at work, doing what i love to do!