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Meu nome é…

All my life I’ve had to pronounce my name at least twice whenever I’ve meet new people and they’ve asked what my name is. I really don’t mind, because it’s always been like this. There were times though when I was younger, were I wished I had an easier name to pronounce. Like Mia, Lise, Kristine and so on, but I’m way past that now. For those who don’t know, my name is Chinwe. I really like my name; I like the letters put together, I like the meaning and I also like the fact that there aren’t too many people around me with the same name. My name is of Igbo origin (Igbo is a Nigerian tribe) and means «God’s own. So I feel rather special and blessed.In the past I’ve been called all sorts of things. Here’s a list of my top 5 favorites:1. Ginnive. I worked in a kindergarden once and a 5 year old tried her best to say my name. Ginnive was the result.2. Tchawe. A co- worker called me this not long ago. Oh well.3. Innowe. SNM!4. Shive. Sounds like slice in Norwegian…5. Cheweng. This über cool Brazilian really tried pronouncing my name. Bless him.

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