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Me, me, me!

Sometimes I google random words, I just googled «pretty»and stumbled upon an article on how to look pretty. I found the article interesting because it gives you tips on what to do and what not to do, to make yourself look pretty. One of the steps in making yourself look pretty is smiling with your eyes etc. I’m not going to list all the steps, but do check the article at: http://www.wikihow.com/Look-PrettyThe article also lists tips and warning:My favorite tip:«Make sure you’ve been putting on deodorant and lotion, maybe even body spray. It won’t only take away a stench if you don’t have time to shower, but people will be more likely to want to be around you more».My favorite warning:«Don’t wear low- cut tops in attempt to be flirty. Sure, the boys may look, and you will get attention. But this is not good attention, and the best boys will most likely be too embarrassed to talk to you because your goods are hanging out. Do them a favor and don’t put them in that situation!»(LOL!)I bet you’ve noticed that I love to take pictures of myself.

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