Hopp til hovedinnhold

Jesus Christ Superstar

Hi Everyone

On Monday my religion class and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Norwegian Theater. I have to admit I had negative thoughts about watching this musical, because it’s better to expect nothing and then get surprised, then to expect something and then get disappointed. The musical turned out to be more than I could imagine it was wonderful and awesome I just left the theater feeling great and surprised because the musical was the *shit (sorry for the swearing). Too bad it seemed like people hadn’t been to the theater before, people were rude they spoke loudly and clapped all the time. But the worst thing was people not having respect for other people’s religion. People were saying “Fuck Jesus”, and things like “He suck” and just being rude. I know that if there had been a musical like this about their religion they would demand respect and probably flip out if they didn’t get it. Some people are just ignorant. I think EVERYBODY should see this musical because it’s really awesome and it’s totally cool that they speak Norwegian or to be more correct “Nynorsk” which is a Norwegian dialect. Here is a link to their website: http://www.detnorsketeatret.no/Default.aspx?Tabid=65&PlayId=330
At college
My ticket.
Me & Rihanna at the theatre.
Rihanna & Lea at the theatre
Us again. At the theatre
In town on our way home.
Rihanna in town on her way home.

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