Hopp til hovedinnhold

– I’m above her, she’s below me

I can never say this enough, «I love America’s Next Top Model». The 14th cycle has been showing for a while now and I’m so into it. All my pre- picked favorites have been eliminated already, but that doesn’t matter, because I’ve got new favorites now. One of them is Raina. I love her look. She’s got a great face and some chunky funky eyebrows.
I’m also a fan of Jessica with her sweet, but sexy look.
Other girls have grown on me as well, like Angelea (rawr) and Alasia. Those two bugged me like crazy to begin with, but they’ve been working hard lately so we’re cool now.
(all the pictures are from cw.com)
I can’t wait to see who’ll finish at the top. ANTM 4 life!

Les mer