Hopp til hovedinnhold

I wish Amerie got her break already

Amerie caught my eye with her hit single «1 Thing» in 2005. I loved everything about it: the song, the video, the make-up, the hair, the wardrobe and the choreography. I remember how my dad loved it as well. He used to raise the volume in the car, whenever they played the song on the radio. Then he narrated about how the use of drums was sampled from the days where funk ruled.

Amerie has been working hard ever since, she even released an album way back in 2002. Earlier this month she released her 4th studio album called «In love & war». I really love this girl, if I met her I’d probably cry. She’s definitely got a spot in my heart. She’s a beautiful, talented young woman. I wish she made it big, really soon!

Sexy sexy Tuuuuuune!

Stunning Peace!

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