Hopp til hovedinnhold


Hi EveryoneA friend of ours and our sister went to the Ryan Leslie concert yesterday. I was told that our sister and our friend were treated disrespectfully, by the same people that continue to disrespect us. Don’t you think we know who you guys are? Even if we smile when we see you, we still hate you! The thing is that we don’t even smile to the most of you, you guys don’t even know us but still you disrespect and hate on us. It’s one thing to hate on us, but our friend and sister too? Who are you? No I really mean, who are you? How dare you stare at my friend, point at her and whisper ABOMINATION, just so loud that she could hear it. You don’t even have to balls to say it to her face and our face, and when mutual friends introduce us to each other you dare say you already know us, but when you see us on the street you hide your face and pretend not to see us. What did we do to you? Please email us at [email protected] and tell us!As I said before we just hate you, one thing is to hate on us, but to hate on our friend and call her ABOMINATION. YOU are ABOMINATION. Would you really hate on us that much, if we weren’t from the same race and gender? If we weren’t black, brown, or whatever you want to call it. You guys don’t know how much we hate you, you think you’re cool when you say it in groups, but I see the desperate look in your face when you are alone, it’s just so pathetic. I really feel sorry for your life story. Stop going to our blog – and if you didn’t get it by now, we really really really hate you.

Les mer