Hopp til hovedinnhold


I hate my hair at the moment. It doesn’t collaborate one bit. I can spend a couple of hours fiddling with it and sometimes it looks like I haven’t done anything at all. It really annoys me. Not only that, but my hair is dry as hell and breaking by the minute. It’s making me depressed, I really don’t know what to do, nor do I have time to get it sortet. Not now at least. Having bad hair days are normal and I accept that, but jheez. I really have more bad hair days than good ones.I’ve been thinking of getting braids again. I think my hair will love being hidden under a pile of fake hair.I loved this hair style.So so freshAh, blonde. I’ve had blonde hair a lot of times. I’m really undecided if it suits me or not……and I don’t think it does. I loved having curls though.My signature braid- hairstylePart blonde again.

Les mer