Hopp til hovedinnhold

Guess fashion-show

Thursday evening Guess Jeans Store arranged a fashion show at La Belle Sole in Oslo. Guess is a little edgier this season, you can watch their collection here. The fashion show featured Norwegian bloggers, who were all styled as typical Guess- models (i.e. big hair, heavy make- up). It was a great show, all the girls did an excellent job.

The girls getting ready for the show.

Annette and Lise waiting to hit the runwayCuties Linnie and KarolineAwwwwLinnéaHot!Hey Handsome!Chinyere can’t wait to see the showChiomaTwo thumbs up!Annette, Øystein and KarolineAll the models before the showChristian August Stang choreographed the showThe line outside La Belle that eveningLinda- MariSistersChinwe, Janet, Anna and ChinyereGoddiesYo!Linn from Guess opening the show with LinnieIngrid Berg Mehus (aka «Miss Fairytale»)Luna AnetteKristinaLinn

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