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Go Nigeria…

I find it amazing that people can do all the big and little things they do. The last couple of days, I’ve had several meetings, but not one of them has gone according to plan. Just think about it. You have to set a date for something (or a deadline even), then you have to plan how to get there, which skills that are required, assess whether or not you have those skills and how you can get them. Then proceed I would assume, but no! Then everything else needs to be in place, for you to be able to do that one thing.Like with this cake. I planned to make a cake to celebrate Nigeria’s first game during Africa’s Nations Cup (which was today if you didn’t already know). I’d figured out what cake I’d make and which ingredients I needed. I also knew which store I’d get them from and when. Long story short, most stores don’t have white chocolate or the brand of flour that I normally use when baking. Bummer. Any who, when the mixture was done, it didn’t taste like it normally would. I blame the flour. So I had to «fix» it. After a while I gave up. When the cake came out of the oven it was flat on one side. Long story short (again), I don’t know what I’d do without frosting. The cake ended up looking and tasting great. Imagine.I guess people manage to do the things they do because they really want to. Cause if I didn’t really want cake, I wouldn’t have bothered. My pride and joy! At least he scored a goal <3 What do you think? That’s an Egyptian player… Oh well. Too bad Nigeria lost.

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