Hopp til hovedinnhold

FAME – I’m gonna live forever…

Yesterday evening we went to the cinema to watch “Fame”. I was really hoping the movie wouldn’t abominate itself, but I think it kind of did. I can’t say I enjoyed the film, it lacked a correct story line and there were too many teens featured that you didn’t really follow all of them. We didn’t leave, so it wasn’t that bad. I suppose a lot of the other guests hated us though, cause we were very comfortable in the back laughing and whispering quite loudly at times. When the movie was over, we received a fair share of evil eyes. My favorite part of the movie was when the credits were rolling.

My personal favorite part of the evening, was during the commercial before the movie started. A girl was walking up the stairs and tripped. We laughed so much!

Chioma Chinyere Me

One of many laughs

All black everything

We’re glad it’s over
Chioma found chocolate

«I’m soo gonna watch this movie when it comes»

Have you seen «Fame»? Did you enjoy it?

Les mer