Hopp til hovedinnhold


Hi Everyone

Yesterday Christoffer and I went to a press lunch and screening of a new MTV show called Dexpedition.  The show is about two friends called Dex and Fab who travel around Europe and show all the best places to party and cool tourist destinations. The travel show is directed by Tobias Frøystad
We got to see the first episode of Dexpedition which took place in Oslo. I seriously thought the show was really awesome. It has everything a travel show needs; a funny and attractive cast who aren’t afraid to have fun. Personally, I think of myself as a hard TV critic, but I really enjoyed and liked this show.
The first episode airs on October 8th in Norway and rest of Europe October 9th



 Executive producer Anders Frøystad told us about the travel show.
 Christoffer enjoying the screening and his popcorn.

Dex and Fab being interviwed after the screening.

Fab and Dex
Fab, me and Dex

Christoffer and Tobias are having their little moment.

Hugs all around.

Executive producer Anders Frøystad, me and director Tobias Frøystad

The Frøystad brothers are totally awesome.
Dex and I are BFFs now!
Check out this teaser for the show.   

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