Hopp til hovedinnhold

Day 3 and last day of by:Larm

 Hi Lovelies!
Yesterday was the last day of by:Larm and even thought I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see I still really enjoyed myself. We saw Iceage, Ask Embla, Mira Craig, Kaveh, LidoLido and we heard Hålogalandslaget
The reason we didn’t get to see Hålogalandslaget was because we where standing in line. Chinyere and I even went early to Gamla to make sure we got in, in time to see Hålogalandslaget. That didn’t happened we stood in line for over half an hour, even though we couldn’t see them we heard them and they sounded great. At least we got in to see LidoLido in the end.
by:Larm is over for now but I can’t wait for next year it will be so much fun.
 hey there! 

Chinyere giving Ask Embla the smile of approval 

Ask Embla at Gamla
 Pretty Linnea Dale at Herr Nilsen

 Singer Sisi and dancer/rapper Maria «The Body» Karlsen 

 Samsaya at the Iceage show at Mono

 Sisi right after her P3 performance, with debut album artist Charlotte Thorstvedt

Sweaty Kaveh right after his Internasjonalen show, with 50% of Bodø dance duo Sirkus Eliassen

Brotell: DJ Quast & SKY alias Homie Buchannon

 Singer/princess Anana

 «Senkveld» music director Andreas Øverland with his girlfriend. 

Idol judge/manager/rapper Gunnar «Gest» Greve and singer-songwriter Philip Ruud 

Mira Craig at The Nokia-tent 
Singer Minnie -OH

Kaveh at The Nokia-tent Annex

Chinyere enjoying herself

Kaveh got the biggest usigned hype buzz by:Larm 
 5 Star Entertainment’s Isak Brodahl and I 

 < 3
 We < 3 Kaveh

LidoLido and I 
LidoLido at Gamla

 LidoLido killed it on stage. 

 Chinyere and I at Gamla

 Joddski and I 
Atomic Soul’s Elisabeth Norheim

RSP and I 

Nyeste saker fra 730.no

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