Hopp til hovedinnhold

But the hair?!

Shudders… For
the record, there’s nothing wrong with Yo Yo. She is a rather pretty
lady with desireable green eyes – but the hair?!?

Is it yellow, orange or

Nothing is wrong with the ”Cali” way of being a lady – it’s
just not for anyone who doesn’t live in the 213. Case and point: JJ Fad.
JJ ”Who” you say? Exactly.

Fucking terrible.
remember when MC Hammer first came out, dissing any and everyone so
that he could get some play. I totally didn’t ”get” what he was – and
had to pretend to like some of his stuff to remain ”cool” and ”edgy”
(Crazy, huh?)

Hammer began the female group Oaktown 357 and somewhere in the vicinity came JJ Fad/ JJ Who. The only point to be
made here is that female rappers from the ”213” needed a lot more
inspiration and influence in the 90’s and the same situation exists
today. I’ll expound on that later though.


Les mer