Hopp til hovedinnhold


As you guys have notice i have been distant from the blog and Bailey has done all the blogging. It’s because I’m feeling really sick at the moment. I went to the doctor some days ago and he told me that I had an eye infection, and FYI it really hurts. So I’ve spent most of the time in bed, eating, sleeping or throwing up ( I hope I loose some weight from being sick it would be the bomb, as you know summer is just around the corner ). This morning I was reading the Norwegian Cosmopolitan and I saw something that gave me hope for a better future. The bag’s name is Alexa by Mulberry. I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THIS BAG AND I MEAN ANYTHING! THIS BAG SCREAMED MY NAME, IT SAID “Chioma BUY me, BUY ME”. AFTER LOOKING AT THIS BEAUTY I FELT DIZZY AND HAD TO LAY DOWN. I HAD A NAP AND DURING MY NAP ALL I DREAMT ABOUT WAS ME WITH THIS BAG. AS I SAID I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR THIS BAG, ANYTHING.

Photo from: www.mulberry.com

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